UK Silver record

On a recent attempt to clean the cellar I came across the silver record award for Kernkraft 400.It reads: “to recognize sales in the United Kingdom of more than 200,000 copies of the Single Kernkraft 400”The song made it to #2 in the UK charts which is amazing in many ways, especially because it’s an instrumental track.This UK release also contained a banging Dave Clarke remix. DJ Hellproposed him to Data Records as a remixer. I liked the idea because Dave’s ‘Red 2 -Wisdom to the Wise’ was the first Techno track I fell in love with at 9am at an after hour. That lead to me making wanting to buy records and play them, which lead to making music, which lead to this release.

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The official video to Kernkraft 400

Things went fast in early 2000s. Kernkraft 400 was licensed to labels in different countries. A more straightforward remix of Kernkraft had gained a lot of traction. A video had to be made. The script sounded nice enough so I went along with it. I am still not sure what to think of the result 🙂
MTV/Viva didn’t know how to deal with it because all regular ‘dance music’ videos at the time consisted of a girl driving through the desert in a Ford Mustang and somewhwere along the road the ‘DJ’ would appear trying to hitchhike towards the sunset.
One thing I remember is the makeup artist on set saying to me: “hey I don’t know if you are becoming famous from this or not, but going forward promise me you’ll pluck your unibrow” – promise kept.
#kernkraft400is20years #zombienation #kernkraft400 #officalvideo

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the first original lo-fi video for Kernkraft 400

This is the very first video we made for the original version of the song with a budget of 500 Deutschmarks, cut on ancient software.
It’s a true treasure – unfortunately this is the only copy there is, and it’s not exactly HD. Anyway, you get the idea:

The super important Kernkraft brain was salvaged from a body and had to be transported. The transport gets interrupted by Zombies with machine guns who want to get a hold of this brain. Maybe they want to eat it, maybe they just want to have it. Or they wanted to save it from being used by a corporation for some evil purpose. We will never know. As they fly off into the pixel filled air it is unclear if this is a happy ending or not.

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