RGB Album Cover

Zombie Nation – RGB (2012)
Turbo Recordings [TurboCd036 /TurboLp036]

Zombie Nation’s 6th longplayer ‘RGB’ was released on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings label in  late 2012 on double Vinyl and digital. The long player was followed by the RGB remix package featuring joeFarr, Zoo Brazil, Popof, Modek, TWR72 and J Tijn. An official video for Zombie Nation track ‘Level’ was released 

“For some reason this album came to me easier than others. I was kind of in a flow churning out sketches and before I knew it the thing was done. The tiny OP-1 synth by teenage engineering played a major role on this Album. A lot of the ideas were collected while travelling with that machine on my lap. Notably Momplays and Maingame are heavily based on the OP-1.  Quite some mixing and processing was necessary in the studio afterwards to blow the sound up and make it fit into this Album. ” – Florian Senfter 




Level Video: 


1 Momplays
2 Level
3 Sigma
4 Schoove
5 Attic Sundays
6 Maingame
7 Tryouts
8 Blueberries
9 Sweepy
10 Brownsville
11 Pony
12 Suede
13 Meathead


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