Kernkraft 400 EP (1999)
Gigolo records 019, Drehscheibe, Polydor, Spectra, Radikal

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Kernkraft 400 is the landmark Song by Zombie Nation, which in a  twist of fate made it from a 12″ vinyl underground record into the charts and sports stadiums around the world where it is still played as motivational anthem or in breaks almost 20 years after  it’s original release. 

Official mixes:

Kernkraft 400 (original 1999 mix)
Kernkraft 400 (DJ Gius mix)
Kernkraft 400 (Sports Chant Stadium Anthem remix) 

Official remix licenses:

The Game ft. Lil Wayne – Red Nation (2011) -> youtube 
Thee Six Mafia – I got (2008) -> youtube

Names and misspellings:

Zombie Nation, zombienation, zombination, zombi, 
kernkraft 400, kerncraft, Kern kraft, cernkraft, ohohohoh, oh oh oh oh, woah oh oh


gigolo 019 Gigolo 019 logo side
Kernkraft 400 EP
Gigolo Records 019 Vinyl 
Kernkraft 400 EP
Gigolo Records 019 Vinyl logo side
Kernkraft 400 EP
Radikal Records USA CD
Kernkraft 400 EP
Radikal Records UK Vinyl /CD
Kernkraft 400 Polydor CD cover
Kernkraft 400 EP
Polydor Germany CD
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VICE presents // May 23, 2018: 

The Biggest Sports Stadium Hit:

“Kernkraft 400” by Zombie Nation



Offical Video: 


 Original first lo-fi video:

2000 performance at Top Of The Pops / BBC UK

Stadium Play Youtube playlist: 



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